Who To Inform When Someone Dies

Knowing who to tell when someone dies is extremely useful. There are a number of organisations and authorities who need to be told when someone has passed away. This will ensure that any transactions in their name are cancelled and will no longer be actioned going forward.

We have devised a list below of all the most important organisations who need to be contacted after someone passes away. The government has produced a very useful Tell Us Once service, meaning you can update a number of governmental departments all at once. This includes HMRC, DVLA, DWP, Passport Office and more.

If you would like any further information on who to inform, please give us a call. We are a Welsh speaking team, so you can contact us in both Welsh and English.

Who To Tell:

Please note: this list may not cover every department or organisation that may need to be informed.





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If you require any further information or you are unsure of who you need to inform when someone dies, we can offer you support and guidance on this. Simply get in touch.

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