Direct Cremations

A direct cremation is the perfect option to keep costs low and give your loved one a simple send-off. We can provide these services for people who wish to have no fuss, whilst still receiving the same care and a dignified send-off as any other funeral with us.

If you would like more information on our direct cremations, get in touch. We can handle your enquiries in both Welsh and English, for your convenience.

Simple, Cost-effective Option

A direct cremation is a simple service, whereby the deceased will be cremated without a ceremony beforehand. It is an ideal option for people who would prefer a no-frills, no fuss approach. This option doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have your own funeral for your loved ones, the benefit is that you can celebrate their life in your own time and way.

What Does A Direct Cremation Include?

With this service you can expect:

Why Choose This Option?

No matter why you are choosing this service, we will handle everything for you in the same way as any of our other funeral services.

Contact Cowbridge Funeral Directors

For further details on our direct cremations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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